Tryna get down that pouty lip look. I think I nailed it. 😂🎉👄
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Things change, time is strange. Each day is different, it’s never the same.
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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Rising over Mono Lake;

Jeffery Sullivan

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so lucky to be loved by someone who keeps me wild.

rach = my hero

I was just telling sara about this hike and really want to elaborate here. so this waterfall is on the back of an old privately owned property. it has been accessed by less than a dozen people in the last 50 years. it doesn’t have a name. the hike to it was not glamorous - three miles through the rainforest. it was torrentially pouring on and off, we were covered in mud. we crossed back and forth through the stream, used guava trees as leverage on mossy ridges, carried machetes to hack through the brush when we needed to. there was no trail, there was just a stream in the jungle that we followed up and up.
this picture looks picturesque and beautiful but the journey there was not - it was gritty and amazing and tough and surreal. and that is the best part.

mostly nature

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Day #. 30 ‘Chichen-Itza’

Finally, pyramid de Kukulkan.

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It’s good to make peace with the past to clear the air for the future. #fbf photoshoot with @taylindrapermedia 🙏
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New shots of awe really hit the spot. 🌀✨🌀😁🙏 @jasonlsilva
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I find the warm spot & I sits in it. 😽🌞
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Poetry night 💗
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