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Leaving for Colorado bright & early!
Denver where you at?! #cannabiscup #cannabiscupdenver #denverdank #420 #roadtrip
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California will always have my heart. 💗
I think it’s about time I moved there.
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Moon blood protection vile made during the recent Black Moon.
Contents- Singing Quartz, dandelion, rosemary, moon blood, gypsum, vortex rocks.
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As an initiate the use of archaic symbolism is a means of connecting to the cellular memory of the subconscious mind, the higher self. Through connection to our the higher self archetypal knowledge is released through a series of tests and initiations. Purity is exemplified during this process as it is a notion to divinity that one’s human vessel is disciplined enough to hold such a powerful energy. #memoirsofagyptian #starseeddiaries
~   Jane Roberts, Seth, The Nature of Personal Reality (via meditationsinwonderland)

(via aura-loveshine)

 1. The stage wherein the chela realizes that he has run the whole gamut of life experience in the three worlds and can say “I have known all that was to be known. Nothing further remains to know!’ His place on the ladder is revealed to him. He knows what he has to do. This relates to the first modification of the thinking principle, desire for knowledge. 2. The stage wherein he frees himself from every known limitation, and can say “I have freed myself from my fetters.” This stage is long but results in the attainment of freedom and relates to the second of the modifications dealt with above [see yesterday’s post]. 3. The stage wherein the consciousness shifts completely out of the lower personality and becomes the true spiritual consciousness, centered in the real man, the ego or soul. This brings in the consciousness of the Christ nature which is love, peace and truth. He can say now “I have reached my goal. Nothing remains to attract me in the three worlds.” Desire for happiness is satisfied. The third modification is transcended. 4. The stage wherein he can say with truth “I have fulfiled my dharma, and accomplished my whole duty.” He has worked off karma, and fulfiled the law. Thus he becomes a Master and a wielder of the law. This stage has relation to the fourth modification. 5. The stage wherein complete control of the mind is achieved and the seer can say “My mind is at rest.” Then and only then, when complete rest is known can the true contemplation and samadhi of the highest kind be known. Sorrow, the fifth modification, is dispelled by the glory of the illumination received. The pairs of opposites are no longer at war. 6. The stage wherein the chela realizes that matter or form have no longer any power over him. He can then say “The gunas or qualities of matter in the three worlds no longer attract me; they call forth no response from me.” Fear therefore is eliminated for there is nothing in the disciple which can attract to him evil, death or pain. Thus equally the sixth modification is overcome and realization of the true nature of divinity and utter bliss takes its place. 7. Full self-realization is the next and final stage. The initiate can now say, with full conscious knowledge, “I am that I am” and he knows himself as one with the All-Self. Doubt no longer controls. The full light of day or completed illumination takes place and floods the whole being of the seer.
These are the seven stages upon the Path, the seven stations of the cross as the Christian puts it, the seven great initiations and the seven ways to bliss. Now the “Path of the just shineth ever more and more until the perfect day.”
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Hoop faerie ✨🌀✨
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Express to de-stress. ✌ 
Happy Saturnday everyone!
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As above, so below. A concept that has echoed throughout the ages. Known true to every sage, Mage & magi, every shaman every   medicine woman, every monk in their adorned temples filled to the brim with esoteric symbolism that resonates to the deepest core of the initiates. Being an initiate is innerstanding that the outer world is a mirror of the inner peace & chaos we all hold. To know that physicality is not our primordial state, but is the basis of our unique experience. That all that we see, taste, & feel before manifested was a thought, a vibration in the etheric, a thought, perpetuated by a mastermind as we are creating this masterpiece. As we so awaken ourselves we awaken the artist who has been asleep, once awakened its impossible to fall back asleep. 
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Opaque  by  andbamnan