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What happend to the library of Alexandria!!?

Aka it’s hiding under the Vatican.

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I found your blog long ago through your writing and then was much overjoyed when I saw really cool Jason burruss pieces of art around your neck. He is absolutely one of my fave artists and not too many people I know share in that mindset with me. It was cool to find you, you've got a radiant soul!

Ahh! Jason is a friend of mine! I states with him a goos portion of the summer! I would have to agree his is one talented warlock! Haha it’s a pleasure to connect with you!

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Where can you find cheap clothes


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When did you and your husband break up?

We broke up last September…

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During a DMT trip at Sonic Bloom I got a message that I was to become a Buddha….I’ve kinda humbled myself to the point of denial… because I don’t feel as though I am there yet.. I feel as though I have so many layers to shed and so so so many initiations to go through I was hovering out of body over the Unified field of Southpark and I could see the entire field in its pristine beauty, all I wanted was an answer and as soon as I stilled my body I felt a vortex like energy from Zero Point (right above navel) & I blasted into super conscious where I got the message that I was a Buddha…. but see I’ve gotten other messages during DMT trips… During LIB I gained access to that Super Conscious reality( It kind of felt like when you crop a video on instagram to 5 seconds but the actual video is 15 seconds, it would be like accessing that extra 10 seconds of the video being able to see the bigger picture so to speak…perhaps I should find a better analogy)…  where I was told that the person I was seeking, my potential twin flame, had a spell over him.. I recently found out that he was in fact dating the roommate and they had been going out since the time when I had this experience where I was told that a spell had been cast… Whenever I confronted him about not acknowledging the fact that we had been romantically involved the past couple months prior he told me he couldn’t tell me why the connection stopped he just said that he was crazy…not once mentioning the roommate he was now dating, who gave me a very dirty look when I approached Kenny.. Kind of an interesting correlation. . The next profound experience I had was at Garden of the Gods, in Colorado Springs, CO  I made a circle out of chalk and sat within it, as I began to blast off I saw the faces of evil jokers, I affirmed that I had no fear of these creatures and as soon as I sent that out, they faces of the jokers morphed into smiling faces and I met Anubis, as he lead me to a portal I went through and a message came to me, “You have the key, you have always had the key” and I saw an image of a 12 stranded crystalline helix of DNA…. Soon thereafter I decided to indulge yet again,  This..  time in Jason Burrus front yard, I took the hit and began to feel myself taking off but something was holding me back, so I closed my eyes and did a meditative breathing where I found stillness and at the point of exact stillness I took off. I went past the point of “super consciousness” to the point where a part  of source, a feminine creative energy, where she puts out things and brings them back into herself to perfect them, She spoke, “you know its hard being all that is, being all that is…” She found great solace within my stillness, she was able to rest when I meditated. The next and most profound moment was when I was sitting on my roof about 3 weeks ago… Half in the shade and half within the scorching sunlight. Equilibrium. As I took the hit I blasted off immediately cascading through dimensions, feeling rather sensual, I opened my eyes the sun became the Eye Of Horus, a holographic twinkle trickled down from the sun and was absorbed by my third eye. Spiritual ecstasy  To be continued… ( please note that the continued use of DMT is potentially harmful and can can send the body into shock  I am not condoning the use of any drugs and would advise against it unless you are fully ready to accept the consequences of such.






Just hanging out!

its tiny

whats up with the husky chihuahua?

She is an alaskan klee kai, a pure breed of dog, completely unrelated to a chihuahua.
Klee kai are a rare breed of dog that resembles a small husky. She is also very small for breed

honestly thank you so much. 


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Bae is the cutest. <3
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We are ONEsie! :D Shambhala Music Festival 2014

Ozora Festival
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Opaque  by  andbamnan